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Moroccan Made FemtoAg, 100% Sustainably Farming!
These are the goals of FemtoAg for Morocco Farmers, Exports and Consumers!
Organic Crops, No Pesticides, No Fertilizers, More Production, No Dry Issues, High Quality!
2021 Soil Preparation
The Links have Before 2021 and After 2020 SEASON
Allovera, Apples, Avocado, Banana, Bell Peppers, Brocoli, Cabbage, Cactus, Corn, Dates, Dragon,
Lemons, Lettuce, Home Plants, Olives, Oranges, Parsley, Potato, Strawberry, Tomatoes, Trees Desert, Wheat,
21 Moroccan PicoAg Organic crops are being treated, No more Chemicals, Pesticides or Fertilizers
This video is not about Morocco as we just started, but its typical of the 20 countries we grow vegetables


If you want to see another 18 Veggie crops grow in Sanit Lucia, Caribbean come and see!

Bananas ,Cabbage - Pechay Callaloo , Cocoa Corn , Collards Cucumbers , Exotic & Rare Green Chilli's, Bell Peppers Parsley , Seasoning Peppers Habaneros, Okra Flowers, Seedlings Sweet Potatoes, Watermelon Sorrel Roselle Plant, Tobacco Tomatoes

The Interview: Alex Bousquet: The Belle Vue Farmers' Cooperative is an organization that provides support services to farmers which would allow for successful farming. The Co-operative provides farming equipment and seedlings, market, and also links farmers to funding agencies for project support.

The Co-operative started in 1984 and today it has 320 members and 25 full-time employees. General Manager of the Belle Vue Farmers’ Cooperative admits that switching to the PicoAg / Agro-Boost product has allowed farmers to produce three times as many crops as they normally would.

Raphael Felix: In fact before we started using this product we used to have a lot of shortages. There were times that because of the nature of what we're doing we were not able to produce consistently, but now that we have PicoAg / Agro-Boost, it's a natural product, it's an organic product which is able to allow - was able to harvest consistent supply of the greens to the hotels for the last maybe six months. And so we are now able to even oversupply the market with our products.

Alex Bousquet: Mr. Felix says that PicoAg / Agro-Boost is a product that can enhance the ability of farmers to produce for local, regional, and even international market. With that product he says farmers can increase their yield per plant, and even though they sell their produce cheaper, they can still make a huge profit. Now, local farmers can actually compete with the international farmers especially the American farmers.

Peter Fostin: In my agricultural years, for example, I started farming around 12 years and if I had PicoAg / Agro-Boost by now I would see much difference in my livelihood, because the production is numerous. It's faster, you get a better product, and the quality is even better. The PicoAg / Agro-Boost -- the product is faster, because if you noticed that pepper it is just eight weeks and it's already ripening. So with the other products, it would be maybe about 10 weeks. So it is two weeks faster with PicoAg / Agro-Boost.

Alex Bousquet: Mr. Fostin says that farmers who are not yet using the PicoAg / Agro-Boost product are missing out. Considering it's not a chemical he says farmers will see and enjoy a better and quicker crop harvest. For the DBS News World, I am Alex Bousquet.

Growing Atomically, No Chemicals, Fertilizers or Molecules

PicoAg's 60 Farmer Benefits

Farmers Primary Benefits of FemtoAg
1 FemtoAg State of Florida approved for Soil and Ground Water Remediation
2 FemtoAg is Physical Chemistry At 600 Picometers or 2 Atoms Size.
3 FemtoAg Beta Analytic Tests Product For Biobased Content 89%.
4 FemtoAg The Ingredients are: EAFUS: A Food Additives
5 FemtoAg Midwest Laboratory no hazardous Canadian Heavy 11 Metal
6 FemtoAg Particle size provides trans-location and remediation.
7 FemtoAg Restructures Water and Spray Rig Pressure Drops by 19%
8 FemtoAg Increased Brix Levels 100% to 200%
9 FemtoAg Electrical Conductivity (EC ) (Microsiemens)
10 FemtoAg "Increasing Carbon Dioxide Consumption"
11 FemtoAg "Increasing ERGS by 2000%
12 FemtoAg Plant Tissue Analysis Increased Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Oats Alfalfa!
13 FemtoAg Spray Rig Cleaning Benefit
14 FemtoAg Wind Resistance Benefit
15 FemtoAg Late Planting Benefits
16 FemtoAg Frost Resistance
17 FemtoAg Increased 269% Brix in Macadamia Benefit
18 FemtoAg Crop Production Factors, Their are 141 reasons!
19 FemtoAg tested FemtoAg doesn't effect good bacteria
20 FemtoAg can achieve "Increasing Carbon Dioxide Consumption"
21 FemtoAg Used as Seed Wash, Germ Test 85% Untreated to 98% Treated!
22 Tank Mixing, Water Restructuring, Lower Dynes from 70 to 30!
23 FemtoAg Panama approved for both Organic Fertilizer & Organic Pesticide

Secondary Benefits of FemtoAg
24 No health hazards signage to workers, customers, or owners because of FemtoAg.
25 No warnings signs anymore posted to protect customers or workers when spray ing or applying because of FemtoAg
26 No concerns of toxic chemical sprays drifting into neighborhoods or runoff into water or air supply because of FemtoAg
27 No concern over issues associated with registered pesticides when spraying because of FemtoAg
28 No protected storage area or special handling of dangerous chemicals required because of FemtoAg
29 No special handling, transportation or equipment required compared with toxic chemicals because of FemtoAg
30 No threat or concern over fees and fines levied by OSHA guidelines because of FemtoAg
31 No threats of violating "toxic chemical label laws" for applying more or the wrong Pesticide than direct by poisonous product instructions because of FemtoAg.
32 No more hazardous waste disposal requirements to follow because of FemtoAg.
33 No workmen's compensation claims or lawsuits from customers or workers claiming insecticide exposure because of FemtoAg.
34 No workers compensation fees charged to your business category after receiving a waiver for reducing or eliminating pesticides and toxic cleaners because of FemtoAg.
35 No more liability for pollution mitigated for land sales, no cleanup of pesticides because of FemtoAg.
36 No more closing because of spraying as now you have a zero re-entry time product because of FemtoAg.
37 No additional labor or costs required for associated spraying and handling because of FemtoAg.
38 Provides a "poison-free" working environment by replacing dangerous fungicides and Insecticides, in multiple forms, plus degreaser, toxic detergents, numerous cleaners and solvents because of FemtoAg.
39 Self-cleans equipment applicators and reduces equipment maintenance costs because of FemtoAg.
40 Reduces pesticide and chemical costs by up to 75% because of FemtoAg.
41 Enhances plant root growth and nourishment by breaking the surface tension of water for deeper and more rapid soil penetration because of FemtoAg.
42 Increases product yields from 105% to 300%. Product appears to strengthen plant, which provides stronger blooms and increases systemic acquired resistance, defending plants from insects and fungus because of FemtoAg.
43 Has increased plant growth by 10% to 300% over a 3-month period of time for starter plants because of FemtoAg.
44 FemtoAg has saved $25,000 annually by reducing discarded plants on a nursery.
45 Nontoxic product can be recommended and sold to customers and other growers because of FemtoAg.
46 Provides an increased peace of mind about crop success and non-poisonous operations at reduced costs because of FemtoAg.
47 Faster crop production more turnover of crops in fields and greenhouses. We are looking at 35% increase in greenhouses and possibly a 100% increase in annual field production by growing an extra crop per annum because of FemtoAg.
48 Faster crops means less borrowing costs on crop loans because of FemtoAg.
49 One can alternate, rotate or mix of FemtoAg with chemicals to lower costs and reduce environmental pollution and worker safety because of FemtoAg.
50 Farmer workers can use the product for washing hands, cleaning tools therefore not spreading diseases from plant to plant or tree to tree or human to customer because of FemtoAg.
51 120 day Rice Crops grown in 100 days with up to 45% yield increase, 120 Day Onion Crop grown in 90 days with 30% more production because of FemtoAg.
52 Quality of grains and nutrients of crops grown increased by because of FemtoAg.
53 Plum Harvest rejection rate was decreased using FemtoAg from 65% to only 35%. The quality of fruit and skin now meet the shipping standards because of FemtoAg.
54 Product is made from 100% US GOV Food and Drug Administration (FDA) EAFUS food additives. The product is defined as food by FDA because of FemtoAg
55 FemtoAg improves the plants electro mechanical function, which enables cells to communicate more efficiently and be more productive because of FemtoAg.
56 Increases plant Brix/Sugar levels by up to 100% has been recorded because of FemtoAg.
57 Can be used to supply nutrients to seeds which encourage germination and vigorous growth because of FemtoAg.
58 Plants sprayed with FemtoAg reduce CO2 from the atmosphere by up to 33% by increasing plant sugar levels in the photosynthesis process because of FemtoAg
59 Potential benefits could be claimed carbon credits will help reduce price of FemtoAg (TM) in the future because of FemtoAg.
60 Nontoxic, Non-Hazardous, Cost Effective, and Humanly Safe because of FemtoAg !
61 Reduces Hunger, Starvation and Poverty with increased Production because of FemtoAg.

AG-250 NW Africa & Morocco Vegetable Crop Growing


Step one AG-250 512 to 1 is to get rid of bad seeds, But most importantly to start root growth and 100% germination.
Farmer remove all dead seeds that float as no reason to plant and dead seed.
And remember this farmer had bought so-called quality seed. On to STEP 2


SEED WASH AG-250 512 to 1 to remove disease and insects from seed and salt, Than 512 to 1 to wash salt and start Carbon Stimulation
on the seed for quicker emergence and It Will Germiante Sprout faster and Increase Production

Listen To audio More Carbon In The Seed The Quicker It Will Sprout


Best spraying method for vegetable crops, Its not gallon or lbs of fertilizer, Its 5 Sextillion carbon atoms per drop
and spray 10 gallons of water carrier per acre or 25 gallons water carrier per hecatare.This is the way we grow vegetables around the world.
After planting than apply AG-250 256 to 1 20, 40, 60 and 80 days and havest until the plants are about dead.

Notes: AG-250 25B Vegetables Application Guidelines Per Hectare
For these crops: asparagus, avocados, bananas, beet, bell pepper, brassicas, broccoli, brussels sprouts, buttered lettuce, cabbage,
callaloo, cantaloupe, cardamoms, carrot, cassava, cauliflower, cayenne, celery, cereals, chard, chicory, chili pepper, chilies, citrus,
cocoa, coconuts, coffee, collards, corn, cucumber, dragon fruits, eggplant, flowers, fruit, garlic, gherkins, ginger, gourd, gourds root,
grapefruit, green amaranth, guava, habaneros, ice burg, leafy veggies, lemons, lettuce, lima bean, limes, mace, maize, mango, muskmelon,
nutmeg, okra, onion, oranges, orchids, papayas, parsley, pea, pechay, peppers, peppers bell, peppers Habaneros, peppers jalapeno, peppers
poblano, pineapple, pineapples, plantains, potato gold, potato red, potato white, potato yukon, pulses, pumpkins, radish, rhubarb, rice,
rutabaga, seasoning peppers, seedlings, snap bean, sorrel roselle plant, southern pea, spice, spinach, squash, squash acorn, squash
buttercup, squash butternut, squash spaghetti, squash zucchinis,sugarcane, sweet corn, sweet potato, taro, tomato cherry, tomato roma, tomato
round, tomato, tubers, turnip, watermelon, yams, yautia, and all Herbs: dill, cilantro, parsley, lettuce, dill, swiss, chard, cilantro, mint,
basil, pumpkins, squash, questions just call!
200 ml part "AG-250" to “25 gallons of water” for each hectare application.

Mixing / dilution procedure:
1. Do not spray before rain 5 hours before rain.
2. Spraying should be done with mist, fog sprayer,etc
3. Use measuring cup or plastic syringe for accurate measurement of "AG-250". The correct measurement of "AG-250" and CARRIER WATER is very important.
4 200 ml part "AG-250" to “100 liters of water” for each application. Can be mixed with your herbicide applications for better weed kill.
5. Do not spray in or before rain or 5 hours before rain.
6. Spraying should be done with mist, fog sprayer,etc. and not more than 100 liters per. Best time of the day to spray : During morning time
when temperature is cool. Avoid spray if there is any possibility of or very hot sun to prevent leaf burn or rain to come within 5 hours.
Never spray during rain. If required, deviate the spraying schedule according to the situation.
7. Spray uniformly on all the leaves of the plants of the fie4. The spraying should be done with mist, fog sprayer as we recommend 100 liters Hectare.
8 Best time of the day to spray : During morning time when temperature is cool. Avoid spray if there is any possibility of rain to come within 5 hours. Never spray during rain or very hot sun to prevent leaf burn. If required, deviate the spraying schedule according to the situation.
9 Always use clean water (non-chlorinated water) to make the mixture. .

1st Spray: The first spray to be done after planting or 3 leaf emergence. 100 ml "AG-250" + 100 liters water Per Hectare
3rd. The spray to be done 40 days later. 100 ml "AG-250" + 100 liters water Per Hectare
4th. The spray to be done 60 days later. 100 ml "AG-250" + 100 liters water Per Hectare
5th. The spray to be done 80 days later. 100 ml "AG-250" + 100 liters water Per Hectare

Major Crops Application Guideline Per Hectare

Major Crops or these crops: Cassava, Bananas, Okra, Corn, Soybean, Wheat, Cotton, Peanuts, Oats, Barley, Tobacco,
Sweet Sorghum/Milo, Grasses (Pasture)Hays (Bundles) and Fruit Trees and other Trees, Canola!

1st. Spray The first spray on seed or at 3 leaf plants, no later 200 ml AG-250 + 100 liters Per Hectare
2nd. Spray The 2nd spray to be done with herbicide pass or 30 days later, no later. 200 ml AG-250 + 100 liters Per Hectare
3rd. Spray The 3rd spray is optional as there is nitrogen in the product for crop production. 200 ml AG-250 + 100 liters Per Hectare

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